Some of our work include:

Series of Programs with ALL INDIA RADIO

Starting with “Future Trends for Women” that was broadcasted to over 130 countries, AIR is planning a series of programs relevant to international needs.

International workshops

Greece (private schools), Austria (family based relationship workshops), Germany (workshops for the tourism industry: Better success with positive karmas), Bulgaria (workshops for interpersonal skills), USA for Sustainable inclusiveness.

UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) associated events

Offices, corporate houses/workplaces

Workshops in Government offices like Indian Oil, Gail, etc. Workshops in private companies like Tafcon, Bluemoon Travels, etc.

Pragya TV - Inhouse workshop for Management.

• To build strong characteristics within the individual.
• Law of Karma - understand the way it affects our life.
• Inclusiveness - Universal Love is the only way to beat negativity.
• Bring about a radical change in the individual to be better citizens, better individuals.
• To veiw life with a larger perspective to beat monotony, mediocrity and stress.
• Develop strong positive emotions.
• Develop higher spiritual quotient (SQ) the latest management keyword.
• Achievement and success need not compromise on physical health, emotional well being and escalate egoistic arrogance.

International Sustainable tourism conclave in Waynada, Kerala

Motivation talks for inclusive sustainable society

Motivational talks for Pragya TV

Pragya TV - Motivation Talks- Minute of Motivation and Parents ki Paatshaala.

Workshops for institutions, schools, colleges

Amity University: Value based living - is it successful? This was extensively covered in the workshop. 85% of the students (all professionals in their final year of studies) found the program very useful. Practical tips was provided as to how to combat negativity in daily life. The students particularly, requested for more such programs.

View of the audience in Amity University

Jaagran Public School, Sector 47, Noida, India

Jaagran Public School organised several workshops for the students, interactive workshops for students.

Parents workshop a great success!

Workshops for foreign interns

Workshops in other events, exhibitions, conferences

Workshop in Malls

Workshops in Parks

Underprivileged kids

Transforming Society: Building grassroot leaders

For moms