Water Bowls Project


Participate in our water bowls programme.

•  Encourage your team members to take away a bowl to their homes.
•  Start a compeitiona on colouring the bowls.
•  Do bowls drive in neighbourhoods.
Increase the DO-GOOD feel factor for enhanced productivity and performance, employee binding and loyalty.

Did you know thousands of strays die every summer in our city alone due to lack of drinking water?

Did you know the temperatures are going to rise even more this summer and animals are going to suffer?

Did you know this year we may be able to save these poor animals and birds from dying due to dehydration?

What is this Water Bowl Project?

We provide you with cement BOWL which you will place close to your home, office, in your galli, nukkad, wherever! Or you can source locally from a vendor nearby your home, office.

We will even have it installed for you if required.

All you have to do is fill it- SIMPLE! Take a five litre bottle and go fill the bowl once every day!

Some interesting facts:

With continuous support from dedicated volunteers and chief volunteers, more than 350 bowls have been placed from the year 2011.

Noida area has the largest capacity bowls that have been installed, more than 60 litres! This is a great boon for thirsty cows and other large animals.

You see how this easily becomes a movement? It's so easy to do too!!! All you need is 5 minutes of you time once a day! When you leave from home to go to market, office or wherever, just fill the BOWL or if feeling lazy ask your maid servant to fill it for you!!

How can I participate?

That's very easy too! Just email us at: contact@eternalenergy.in. We will get back in 24 hours!

Are the bowls for free?

Yes, the bowls are for free for dedicated volunteers who cannot afford to pay for the bowls. Small shop owners, like pan wallahs, rickshawpullers and construction workers. Even students and sometimes, charity workers are provided free bowls. All bowls are available at a cost price. Those who want a free bowl should expressedly mention that they need one.

Is it important to fix a bowl? Will you charge?

It is a wise idea to fix the bowls as one may risk losing it. It is not humanely possible to help everyone fix the bowls. On a case to case basis the decision will be made whether external help is required or not. In many cases, a local rickshawpuller or a driver have been able to fix the bowls using little cement, water, loose sand and some small pieces of stones (rodi). There is no charge for fixing the bowls, but it is better if it is done with a local help. Depending on the availability of any chief volunteer, on a case to case basis, the fixing of bowls can be done by us.

Will the bowls be transported?

Depending on the location of the volunteer, the bowls can be transported. But it would be preferable for the volunteers to pick up the bowls from different locations as is provided in this website or can write to us or call us, and we can help you in all possible ways.

How to clean the bowls?

Cleaning the bowls is simple. Anyone can do it. Remove all the excess water from the bowls, dry out the bowl completely. If you are unable to bend the bowl use a mug to remove all excess water. When the bowl is empty, take a steel wool brush and rub the inner edges as if any fungus ("kai") can be removed. After scrubbing the bowl from inside, pour little water and just us the same steel brush to mix the water completely. remove all the excess water, and dry the bowl using a soft clean cloth.

Join now! contact@eternalenergy.in or call 8750065501.