ITB Berlin

Wellness Workshop in ITB Berlin

  • ITB BERLIN is the world’s largest travel show that takes place every year in Berlin. The workshop in Berlin was organised on the following lines:

    “In this workshop, the participants are going to be transported to ancient India glorious period, during a brief look into the various classical texts and concepts of philosophy and spirituality. The importance of yoga, holistic living for a balanced life will be explained. This presentation attempts to answer questions such as the following: What is yoga? What are the basic hurdles for a human being to excel and find happiness? Why do we face problems and stress? What are the reasons for physical, emotional problems? What is detachment? How do we practically detach from stressful living? Participants will learn about the direct correlation between karma and one’s life as well as how to handle karma to get the best in business and personal life with a little insight into practical detachment and its advantages. With a few practical detachment exercises at the end, attendees will be inspired to find their own pathways to success.”