The Times of India interviewed Ms Jayanthi Iyengar who filled the pots with water in different locations for stray animals on the streets.

Ms Jayanthi, Founder gets standing ovation at the Good Karmas for success workshop in ITB BERLIN.

Ms Jayanthi, Founder gets standing ovation in the IIPT World Tourism Symposium and in ITB BERLIN where many officials of the UN were present.

Ms Jayanthi, Founder is on the Advisory Council with several social organisations.

Ms Jayanthi, Founder has been invited join Navratan Foundations as a Trustee

Eternal Energy provides free water bowls (60 litre capacity) to temples in many places like Nithari village and many volunteers of Navratan Foundation, Noida in association with Eternal Energy successfully completed over 100 street plays (Nukkad Natak) to raise awareness on the compounding problems of plastics on the environment and cows.

Eternal Energy founder invited as Speaker in Responsible Tourism Conference ogranised by IIPT+UNWTO in Lusaka, Zambia.

Eternal Energy announces launch of “Fresh/Clean Drinking water drive” in Delhi/NCR region.

Eternal Energy launches "Save the Plastic Cow" campaign. Cows are the worst sufferers for the indiscriminate disposal of food in plastic bags...

Eternal Energy supports SPCA in Sec 94. Provision of blankets, bins, buckets, medicines, and more...

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