Our Programmes


Our programmes present you high dimensions of thinking with a macro approach to problem solving.

We combine spiritual, holistic approach augmented with inclusive thinking and higher vision to goal set and achieve targets.

From extreme, negative, self centred approach we open up a gamut of wide horizons to make you feel lighter and energetic with zeal of positive enthusiasm and hope.

Our programmes are suitable for all age groups.


These are thematic programs that are drawn from ancient philosophy and spirituality. Some of the topics are:
  1. Techniques to calm the mind and senses.
  2. Achieve greater success, create positive dent in relationships using powerful Karmas.
  3. Open eyed meditation techniques
  4. Stress buster techniques: simple, easy to use.
  5. Attitude, motivation and self healing techniques.

Growth Enhancement Programs:

These programs offer a modern approach to solve critical issues related to work performance, sustaining of physical health, moral and ethical living, and most importantly, create a very positive bent of mind at all times. Some the of the topics are:
  1. Right Attitude for better success and growth.
  2. Handling negative stress and
  3. Which approach is better? Macro or Micro?
  4. How is success elusive even to hard work?
  5. Which growth is better? Inclusive or exclusive?